Sprint Rapid Protect Door

Sprint Rapid Protect Door

Manufacturing processes that involve automated machinery require stringent protection measures to allow production managers to maximise the use of floor space while keeping the risk of downtime or injury due to welding splatter or sparks etc. to a minimum.

The Sprint Rapid Machine Protection Door is a quick opening roller shutter door which enables rapid switching between complete isolation of a production stage to unimpeded access in a matter of seconds; effectively protecting personnel from operating machinery. The high speed door is suitable for most industrial environments, especially automotive, manufacturing and metal working.

Clear Opening Sizes:
Height : 750 – 4500mm, Width : 750 – 4500mm

Operating Speed:
Closing speed: up to 1.8m/s, Opening speed: up to 2.4m/s

Curtain Materials:
Anti-UV vision panels with coloured reinforcement strips, PVC RollTex or NormaTex available, Silicone free

Frame Materials:
Aluminium barrel cover, Aluminium motor cover, Aluminium side frame

Machinery Protection / Internal

‘Door Closed’ safety limit switch, Battery backup, Curtain tensioning system, Door line photocell, Dual opening heights, Electrical safety contact edge, Floor brackets allows freestanding mounting, MCC Vector Control (with UPS optional), Rapid rolling movement, sara ‘non-contact’ safety beam, Traffic light compatibility

sara LBS’s range of quick ‘Sprint’ doors offer the fastest operating speeds on the market. The high speed roller shutter doors are ideal for most industrial applications and specialist products are available for machine protection, food processing areas and cleanrooms.

Features which are unique to the ‘Sprint’ Rapid Roll range include the sara non-contact travelling safety beam, fitted as standard, which provides unparalleled safety for personnel and equipment and our patented MCC Vector Frequency control system which facilitates some of the fastest speeds in the market while reducing wear & tear and increasing longevity.

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