5 Benefits of High Speed Doors

High speed doors are incredibly useful for businesses located in warehouses and industrial settings, acting as a moving barrier, high speed doors provide a number of advantages. In this blog post, we’re going to be taking at some of the fantastic benefits high speed doors have to offer.


Most industrial settings and warehouses have large access doors for transporting goods in and out of the building in order to allow large lorries to back in for loading and unloading. Whilst the large size is great for handling goods, they aren’t ideal for energy efficiency. With such large openings, significant amounts of heat or chilled air in air conditioned buildings will be able to escape, resulting in heating and cooling bills that skyrocket.

High speed doors, on the other hand, are incredibly energy efficient. Thanks to their high-speed operation, you can reduce the amount of time the door remains open, or partially open, for, minimising the amount of heat or cool air lost, maintaining temperatures, lowering your energy bills and keeping your employees comfortable.


In industries where hygiene is a top priority, having easy-to-clean doors is crucial. Thankfully, our high speed doors with PVC curtains are designed to withstand regular use of strong cleaning agents, so you can be sure you’re meeting your hygiene standards.

High speed doors are also very easy to maintain and, in the rare event that you should ever encounter a problem with them, repairs are fast and efficient. This means any downtime for your business is kept to a minimum so you can get your operations up and running again quickly.


Modern high speed doors offer greater levels of control over who has access to your premises, shutting quickly once an authorised person or vehicle has passed through in order to minimise the time the door is left open and keep out those who are not welcome.

Industrial doors are sturdy & robust and manufactured using hard wearing materials to help keep out opportunist thieves from breaking in through the doors, improving the security of your goods and keeping your employees safe.


High speed doors aren’t just designed to keep unauthorised visitors out- they’re also incredibly effective at preventing pollution, dust and dirt from entering, helping to minimise the risk of contamination which is crucial in highly sensitive and environmentally controlled premises.


High speed doors have the potential to help your business make significant savings through increased productivity, energy efficiency and time saving, making them an incredibly worthwhile investment.

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