Why Loading Bays are not just a back door to a warehouse

Loading Bays: Not Just a Back Door to a Warehouse

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when a truck is unloading at the back of a warehouse? This ‘back door’ aka a loading bay, is vital to the logistics and goods transportation industry as a whole.

But what is a Loading bay?

A loading bay is a recessed bay in a warehouse that allows for safe and efficient loading and unloading of trucks. If product is being moved in and out of a facility, it will probably be happening by means of a loading bay.

The Right Specification

As long as a loading bay is built to the right specifications and safety standards, it is the single best way to transfer freight into and out of a facility.  Considerations need to be given to:

  • Dock height; this can vary, and can have an impact on the types of trucks that can be loaded and unloaded at a particular facility
  • Dock approach refers to the fact that the incline leading up to a dock is not always perfectly flat. If an incline is at too high of an angle many trucks will not be able to approach the enclosure without it causing damage.
  • Door size and width matter – not all trucks and loading bays are compatible with one another. For example, if a truck is taller than the loading bay enclosure, it may not be able to approach the bay or unload

Loading Bays are an Essential Element of The Transportation and Logistics Industry

As technological innovation grows in the transportation and logistics industry, one thing is clear: Shippers, logistics companies and end users benefit from a faster, more efficient delivery process.

Loading bays play a vital role in creating and reinforcing the technologies designed to improve the shipping and logistics process.

How can we help?

Sara LBS are a leading UK manufacturer of industrial doors and dock equipment. With over 40 years’ experience, we are experts in developing loading bay solutions to meet the specific needs of different customer types by considering:

  • The Building
  • The Environment
  • The Operation
  • The Product
  • The Handling Equipment
  • The Transport

We offer a wide range of products from Dock Levellers to Industrial Doors, to help develop solutions that work specifically for you, all of which:

  •  Improves the efficiency of your operation
  • Speeds up throughput
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Ensures Health & Safety compliance

At sara LBS, we pride ourselves on the experience, quality and reliability of all of our installations and take the responsibility of our door maintenance very seriously, allowing you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers. By choosing us to maintain your industrial doors and loading bays, you have access to reliable and responsive maintenance services that will never let you down. To find out more, please call us on 01442 245577 or visit our contact page.


sara Loading Bay Specialists supply, install and maintain loading bay equipment for manufacturing, warehouse loading and distribution networks, also high speed doors and roller shutter doors for industrial, production line, cleanroom and food processing applications. Its high speed range of ‘Sprint’ fast action doors offer quick opening speeds and improved safety for internal and external applications.

sara LBS have been supplying, installing and maintaining high speed doors for over 30 years, priding themselves on their quality of workmanship, dedication to customer service and reliability of installation. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss our High Speed Doors, please contact us or call us on 01442 245577

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