What are roller shutters and why do we use them?

Roller shutter doors and windows are an excellent way of protecting your business from all sorts of potential dangers; whether that’s the weather, those looking to break into your warehouse or perhaps even in-house inefficiencies.

Roller shutters can be used for a whole realm of different applications such as doors for garages, schools, prisons, vans, kitchens and warehouses. In some countries the roller shutter can be subsidised by local governments as part of security benefit schemes – the rewards are numerous.

Areas that frequently experience poor, inclement weather are in particular need of roller shutter as they can protect windows against any possible hail damage and provide another method of heat insulation.

Let’s show you the main types of Roller Shutters:


If energy conservation and protection against the weather is important to you then insulated roller shutters are the best best. As a bonus they also protect against extreme noise and offer a high level of security.

Industries that tend to use insulated roller shutter include warehouses, garages, spray paint booths, storage facilities, factories, car ports and many more.

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Industrial roller shutters can come in all shapes and sizes with a high gloss finish to maintain a professional, secure look. They are most suited to shopping malls and large industrial buildings as they are much more flexible and have a high quality design that can be tailored to requirement.

Industrial roller shutters are often fitted with extra security systems and locking bolts to ensure a high level of security and protection. They can be mounted either internally or externally to prevent vandalism or unauthorised access.

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Commercial roller shutters are made from industrial and commercial properties. They are often created with galvanised steel to ensure that they are rust proof and weather proof.

Commercial roller shutters are most recognisable as they are well suited to warehouses and shop fronts, though they can be used at general purpose properties also.

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