Increasing Durability through Loading Bay Accessories

How to increase the durability of your loading bays through accessories

Opportunities for gaining an edge over the competition are relatively limited in the retail sector. Discounts from wholesalers can be sought, but competitors are likely to get similar pricing levels; rent and rates are largely fixed; and staff salaries tend towards an industry norm. This means efficiencies have to be gained at an operational level, saving time and money in the distribution operation while ensuring minimum spoilage of goods in transit – loading bay accessories are how you can achieve these marginal gains.

Resistance and strength are qualities that a loading and unloading dock for trucks, trailers and vans must have. For this reason, it is important to have a series of accessories that minimize the damage in the logistics dock to ensure the sturdiness and good performance of the loading point for a longer period.


They make easier the correct placement of the vehicle against the dock. Allowing reduction of time and risk of damage to the rest of the equipment.


These help to avoid the impact of the truck against the loading dock increasing its lifetime and leave the right distance between the vehicle and the dock leveller.


Ideal to limit corners, pipping, doors and protect them from blows due to traffic from the various types of forklifts and pallet trucks inside the loading dock.

Don’t forget your access doors too – selecting the right industrial door can make a significant difference to your loading and unloading operational efficiency.

Whether you need a Sectional Overhead Door, High Speed Door or Fire Door we can help choose the right door to meet your needs.

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