Thermal Insulated Warehouse Shutter Doors

Thermal Insulated Warehouse Shutter Doors

Thermal Insulated shutter doors are specially designed to help protect your warehouse or business premises from extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, all the year round. These advanced Roller Shutter Doors have a specially designed insulated layer which ensures that chilled air is kept out during the cold winter months and retains the ambient air inside cool during the warmer summer months.

The recent drastic drops in temperature have reminded us all that winter is very much here, meaning we can all start to experience some of the UK’s harshest weather conditions. Icy, freezing temperatures, gale force winds, ice and snowfall all represent threats to your warehouse or business premises over the next part of the year. Soon, temperatures will easily fall below zero overnight and we will be lucky to reach single figure temperatures during the day. After the unexpected, and long lasting, snow storms we experienced last spring who knows what this year may bring.

Similarly to winter, the climate in summer months is becoming increasingly intense. Although the hot weather temperatures are superb for spending time at the beach, the hot conditions can be an issue for your business if you require a cooler, controlled environment.

What affect do Insulated Warehouse Doors have on your business?

Lower Heating Costs: reduced heating bills in the winter and reduced energy costs regarding air conditioning in the summer months.

Thermal Insulated Roller Shutter Doors: can also be adjusted to a variety of insulation levels.

Sound Insulation as Default: In addition to helping control heat and cold, thermal insulated doors are ideal for providing excellent sound insulation.

sara LBS insulated roller shutter doors are built around a galvanised steel curtain with hollow section lathes filled with polyurethane infill, providing a high level of insulation that helps facilities to meet energy code requirements and enables operators to reduce energy costs.

The doors are tough as well, with the galvanised steel curtains – combined with injection moulded Nylon-6 end fittings and galvanised steel guides, coil covers and bottom rail – providing protection from vehicle collisions, break-ins and vermin that could nibble a hole through weaker materials. Plastisol and powder-coated finishes are available.

The doors can be supplied with manual push up, hand chain or electric motor operation and are suitable for use in industrial environments or as loading doors for warehouse loading operations.

The popularity of insulated roller shutter doors is rising quickly, as increasing numbers of building project managers and owners of existing facilities come to appreciate the benefits of their combination of speed, reliability, low maintenance and good insulation performance. sara LBS has been, and will continue to be, a leader in developing energy efficient solutions for use in loading bays and other similar large openings.


sara Loading Bay Specialists supply, install and maintain loading bay equipment for manufacturing, warehouse loading and distribution networks, also high speed doors and roller shutter doors for industrial, production line, cleanroom and food processing applications. Its high speed range of ‘Sprint’ fast action doors offer quick opening speeds and improved safety for internal and external applications.

sara LBS have been supplying, installing and maintaining high speed doors for over 30 years, priding themselves on their quality of workmanship, dedication to customer service and reliability of installation. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss our High Speed Doors, please contact us or call us on 01442 245577

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