Choosing a Roller Shutter Door that Complies with your Insurance

Have you thought about the security implications of your entry and exit doors, and how this may affect your insurance? One of the things that is crucial when running a business is having the right insurances in place.

Top of the list for insurance of the business property is to ensure you are covered against vandalism, break–in and ultimately, theft. There are ways to reduce the cost of these policies and begin with the level of security measures the premises employ. If you have a Roller Shutter door on your commercial or industrial property, then you need to ensure it matches the standards outlined in your policy.


The LPS Loss Prevention Standards are issued by the LPCB Loss Prevention Certification Board, an independent third-party service provided by the Building Research Establishment(BRE) and is recognized by all major Insurance Companies. The system grades shutters from Level 2 to Level 5 depending on their level of resistance to sustained attack.

Level 2

Typically used in domestic or lower-risk commercial properties, products are certified to a level that resists opportunistic attempts at forced entry using bodily force and a range of hand tools including some that make a sound.

Level 3

Typically used in medium to high-risk commercial properties, products are certified to moderate resistance against determined attacks using bodily force as well as hand tools with greater mechanical advantage.

Level 4

Typically used on high-risk commercial properties, products are certified against experienced, determined attempts to force entry using hand and battery-operated tools with no regard for noise created.

Level 5

Typically used on very high-risk commercial/sensitive properties or critical and significant infrastructure buildings, products are certified against sustained attack for extended periods of time, including the use of powerful battery operated tools and grinding/cutting equipment for up to 10 minutes at a time.

Features which are unique to the ‘Sprint’ Rapid Roll range include the sara non-contact travelling safety beam, fitted as standard, which provides unparalleled safety for personnel and equipment and our patented MCC Vector Frequency control system which facilitates some of the fastest speeds in the market while reducing wear & tear and increasing longevity.


By finding what their requirements are for your business, you can be certain that the roller shutter you add to the property will not only protect it and ensure you remain covered for all scenarios but also help reduce your premiums. Different insurers will have different requirements based on the location and nature of the business.

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