Airlocks Add Extra Dimensions to Loading Bay Solutions

Alan Ryder, Areas Sales Manager with loading bay specialist sara LBS, talks all things air locks… 

I work with airlocks quite frequently in my professional capacity, but fortunately for my blood pressure, they are the sort you find in warehouse loading bays.

My sort of airlock is large enough to accommodate a freight truck and has a large high speed door at either end. The outer door opens and the truck reverses in; the outer door closes and the inner one opens so that loading/unloading can begin. The purpose of this sort of air lock is to provide the best possible seal between the outside atmosphere and the internal environment of the loading bay and the building it serves.

Put in its simplest form, an air lock loading bay has doors at both ends which work in tandem so that the interior of the production hall or warehouse is always protected from the outside environment. This reduces loss of heated or cooled air to the outdoors to the absolute minimum and also provides a very high level of bio-security.

There is sometime confusion between ‘airlock’ doors and ‘interlocked’ doors – with many people assuming they are two different phrases for the same solutions. An airlock means that the two doors will automatically work together, i.e. when the first door is passed through and closes behind the vehicle it hits its bottom limit and automatically sends a signal to the second door to open. This means that the operatives generally do not need to perform a function to activate the doors. An interlock is where the controls of the doors are connected electronically allowing only one door to open at any one given time. This means that activation controls are required within the airlock that the operatives activate once the first door has closed.

Of course the quality of the airlock package is reliant on the components, so it’s important that doors are specified which match the requirements of the applications. The optimum solution will also allow free yet safe access for personnel and vehicles so that loading can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Because the operation is relatively complex compared to other loading bay equipment, the quality of all the individual components and the care taken with their installation is paramount. One component failure could stop production for a considerable time while the fault is traced and repaired.

Generally, airlocked loading bays include a dedicated personnel fire escape door, though it would typically be recommended that the air lock is not designated as an emergency egress route. However, to be on the safe side, the airlock’s high speed doors can have de-tensioning manual override systems or battery back-up units to assist in escape. These are design criteria that the doors’ designer and installer should introduce and advise on.

Naturally, airlocks add to the expense of building and maintaining loading bays, so are only specified where they are justified. We have already noted that they are excellent for heat/cool retention and for biosecurity, but they have a surprising number of other uses too.

For instance, they represent an extra layer of security deterrent, so can be installed at mints and vaults, where high value items are handled. Additionally, the natural delay in entry means that CCTV cameras installed in airlocks are be very effective in identifying intruders and non-authorised personnel.

Airlocks are also very popular where the goods being handled are foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, dangerous chemicals or bio-hazards. Similarly, they are frequently found in countries that are either very hot or very cold and building interiors are air conditioned.

Whilst sara LBS airlocks are unlikely to save the lives of astronauts, they do provide a very useful service to specialist loading operations, and usually prove to be a very sound investment in the long run. sara LBS engineers are experience in the design and specification of such applications and can recommend suitable door combinations that offer a combination of robust security, speeds operation and energy efficient running.

We project manage installations throughout the initial brief, through to consultation with contractors and architects, programming and installation and even after sales maintenance contracts. If you think that your loading bay could benefit from airlock doors then we offer free on-site survey nationally.


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