the Benefits of High Speed Doors

It seems obvious – doors are an integral part of the operation of any commercial building. That is why choosing the most suitable doors needs very careful consideration and expert help. A good door is one that combines performance with efficiency and practicality – that’s where we come in.

Security is crucial to any warehouse, logistics or commercial building and when it comes to the security and efficient running of such industrial premises, our high speed doors are the ideal solution. They are easy to move up and down at high speed and they help quicken logistical flows becoming an integral part of your business flow.



Vertical rolling doors

Vertical rolling doors are a popular and versatile solution, designed to be used intensively and for the most part, indoors. An ideal situation for a rolling speed door is where there is a continuous flow of traffic, such as an entranceway, product line or warehouse. As a lightweight and flexible solution, you will benefit from an increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption due to better control of air flow – a perfect balance.

Vertical lifting doors

Vertical lifting doors are ideal for use as external barriers due to their flexibility and strength. These doors are designed to be used in large openings where the wind load can be heavy and also be where there are two sections in a building that have a big difference in air pressure or temperature.



Time Saving

With a high speed door, you can open and close very quickly so you don’t have to wait for a slow door to drag itself upwards, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Improved Work Environment

It’s much easier for people and equipment to move more efficiently around your premises as no one is required to wait for doors to open or to manually open heavy doors which helps personnel and product flow more quickly. They also enhance safety, which is vital in any working environment.

Reduced Pollution

High speed doors are designed to reduce noise and odour pollution, specifically making them a vital part of recycling and food industries which control of temperature, noise and environment is vitally important.

Maintaining Steady Temperature

For many industries, the temperature of an entire building or certain areas of a building must be maintained and controlled. As both opening and closing speeds are fast and controlled, the heat loss or gain in any environment is minimised, increasing the efficiency of temperature control through the installation of high speed doors.

Reduced Contamination

In highly sensitive environments, such as food production and cold rooms, a high speed door will help minimise the impact of dirt or dust that comes from outside to inside. This will help keep the space clean and anything that is being processed is more likely to be of better quality.


sara Loading Bay Specialists supply, install and maintain loading bay equipment for manufacturing, warehouse loading and distribution networks, also high speed doors and roller shutter doors for industrial, production line, cleanroom and food processing applications. Its high speed range of ‘Sprint’ fast action doors offer quick opening speeds and improved safety for internal and external applications.

sara LBS have been supplying, installing and maintaining high speed doors for over 30 years, priding themselves on their quality of workmanship, dedication to customer service and reliability of installation. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss our High Speed Doors, please contact us or call us on 01442 245577