Did you know? Precast concrete can fast track installation of loading bays

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Increasing Durability through Loading Bay Accessories

Resistance and strength are qualities that a loading and unloading dock for trucks, trailers and vans must have. For this reason, it is important to have a series of accessories that minimize the damage in the logistics dock to ensure the sturdiness and good performance of the loading point for a longer period.


Thermal Insulated Warehouse Shutter Doors

Thermal Insulated shutter doors are specially designed to help protect your warehouse or business premises from extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, all the year round. These advanced Roller Shutter Doors have a specially designed insulated layer which ensures that chilled air is kept out during the cold winter months and retains the ambient air inside cool during the warmer summer months.


The time is now to prepare for Winter with your loading bays

When it comes to loading bay safety, there’s a lot to be said for staying one step ahead of the seasons. The Autumn months are the perfect time to get ‘winter ready’ especially if seasonal change comes sooner than expected. Frost, snow, ice and wet weather conditions combine with shorter days and longer nights to create loading practice challenges for any warehouse or loading bay.


Why it’s good to have goods in/out

The run up to Christmas is critical for many retailers. To service the public demand for their products, such retailers need excellent supply and logistics back up. Martyn Nixon, General Manager, sara Loading Bay Specialists, looks at the theory and practice of meeting this seasonal demand. At any logistics and distribution centre supporting retail operations,


sara LBS servicing helps keep loading bays safe and efficient

Loading bays are hard working environments. Equipment and machinery should be properly maintained and regularly serviced to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency. Steve Abrahams, a service surveyor with loading bay specialist sara LBS offers an overview of what is required. Any location where work is carried out is subject to regulations and directives; those that